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We provide a full range of Fire Extinguishers

All Fire Extinguishers carry a 5 year warranty are Kitemarked to BS EN3 and CE marked

Fire extinguishers Gloucestershire

Flamefighter Fire Protection are able to supply a complete range of Fire Extinguishers to cover every type of location and risk.

Your Fire Extinguishers must be kept in working order so that you know they will be effective, should you have to use them and an Annual Maintenance  carried out  as a legal requirement in accordance BS 5306

The type, size and location for each Fire Extinguisher are dictated within British Standards. As a minimum, all premises require one nine litre water Fire Extinguisher for every 200m² of floor space, with a minimum provision of two Fire Extinguishers for any building. Special risks other than Class ‘A’ must be considered separately (electrics, gas, cooking oil) etc. The normal position for the siting of portable Fire Extinguishers is near to exits, on escape routes or adjacent to a specific fire risk and in similar locations on all floors creating fire points. Fire Extinguishers not stand mounted should be fixed so that the carrying handle is 1m from the floor for Fire Extinguishers weighing more than 4KG, and 1.5m for Fire Extinguishers weighing less than 4Kg. Travel distance should not be more than 30M from the Fire in order to get to the Fire Extinguisher

We provide an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure that your equipment is always kept in working condition and will perform as intended. Our range of Fire Extinguishers is manufactured to BS EN3 and carries the British Standard  BS Kitemark   approval from the British Standards Institution.

Commissioning of a new or refurbished Fire Extinguisher should be carried out by a competent person. After removal from its packaging and transit protection, and immediately before being placing in its designated location, the Fire Extinguisher must undergo the sequence of commissioning service actions described in British Standards When all of these checks have been satisfactorily completed, the Fire Extinguisher should be installed and positioned in accordance with BS 5306-8.

BS 5306-3 specifies the inspection and maintenance of portable Fire Extinguishers should be carried out by a competent person, Our Fire Extinguisher Service Technicians  have passed the BAFE  (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Technicians Assessment exam.

Our Service Technicians carry out a fire survey of the premises as part of the routine annual Fire Extinguisher service.  If, in Technicians opinion there is a requirement for additional Fire Extinguishers or the replacement of, a Fire Protection Survey Report is completed and issued to the customer.

Technicians carry a comprehensive range of spares for many different Fire Extinguisher manufacturers, as well as new and replacement equipment. This enables us to provide an instant onsite maintenance facility for all makes of fire extinguisher.